Four Reasons To Remove Tree Stumps On Your Rental Property

Managing a rental property is not always easy, but investing in preventive measures is an effective way to prevent major issues from happening, especially when the home is occupied at the time. It is best to take care of these measures before you list the rental property and find tenants, and this is because it can become a difficult and time-consuming process when you have to work around your tenants. When maintaining the landscape, you should remove tree stumps to enjoy numerous benefits.

Gain More Usable Space

Although you will not be using the outside space, your tenants likely will. Ideally, you want to provide potential tenants with the most welcoming and attractive front yard and backyard, especially when you want to rent the home as fast as you can and at the current market rate. By removing the tree stumps, you gain more usable space in the backyard to take on projects or for your tenants to enjoy.

Less Time-Consuming

When you remove a tree on your rental property, deciding to leave the stump there will only create a more time-consuming experience down the line. It is best to combine tree removal with stump removal as you will only have to set aside a single date and time to take care of both services.

Avoid Pest Attraction

Pests are attracted to properties for all sorts of reasons. For instance, termites love wood and a tree stump is the perfect place for them to make their temporary home, until they find the rental property. Ants are also attracted to tree stumps and can eventually make their way into the home.

Removing stumps early on will prevent these pests from becoming a problem.

Protect New Growth

When tree stumps are left alone, they can naturally become diseased. Unfortunately, these diseases can spread to the other healthy trees on your property, thus creating an even larger problem. Removing stumps on the property will ensure your trees are not at risk of being harmed by unnecessary threats.

Managing a rental home is already a time-consuming process, but constantly worrying about the potential problems that could be happening to your landscape only adds to the time invested. It is best to eliminate these worries by removing tree stumps to make it a better experience for you and your tenants. With less to worry about with your rental property, you can focus on more important tasks. Contact a company like Gene's Tree Service for more information.