Four Tips To Get Rid Of Tree Removal Waste By Using It As Compost And Mulch

One of the costs of removing a tree is having the waste disposed of. If you choose to have it hauled off, you may have to pay more for this service. An alternative that you may want to consider is using the waste yourself. It can be made into mulch for landscaping ground cover or even for compost piles. Here are some tips to help you get rid of the waste by using it as ground cover and compost:

1. Chipping The Smallest Materials For Compost

The smallest materials of your tree removal can be reduced into compost. This should be the leafy materials of the tree, which will decompose faster than wood mulch. Sometimes leafy materials can also take time to decay, so you may also want to add other organic waste from your kitchen, such as coffee grinds and vegetable and fruit peelings. Doing this will help speed up the decomposing process.

2. Reducing Large Branches To Mulch For Landscape Cover

Large branches will not be ideal for making compost because they take too long to decay. Instead, consider chipping these materials into mulch for landscaping cover. The smallest of these materials can be reduced into mulch using a small chipper, which you can buy or rent from any tool service.

3. Having The Large Materials Ground Into Small Mulch

You can also have the largest parts of the tree, like the trunk, chipped into mulch. This is something that you may want to have the tree service do for you if it is a large trunk because the smaller chippers can only handle materials of a certain diameter. Many tree services can provide these grinding services for a small fee if you cannot do it yourself.

4. Grinding Any Stumps To Be Covered With The Mulch Materials

When you have a tree removed, the stumps that are left behind can be another problem that you have to deal with.  The stumps can be ground into dust and mulch so they are no longer an obstruction in your landscaping. Since the ground materials will take a long time to decompose, you may want to create flower beds and landscaping features that can be covered with the mulch where the trees once stood.

These are some tips to help you get rid of the waste by turning it into mulch. If you have a tree that is causing you problems, contact a tree removal service such as Dubois Tree & Land Management LLC and talk with them about grinding the waste for you when they are done.