Why You Should Remove That Dead Tree In Your Yard

Most people know that they should remove dead trees on their properties. The main reason for this is to prevent the tree, or its branches, from falling and causing property damage and injuries. However, the risk of falling isn't the only reason you should worry about a dead tree in your compound. Here are four more reasons to think about:  


Dead trees attract different pests, such as rats, snakes, termites, birds, wasps, and many others. Some of them feed on the dead tree tissues; others make holes for burrowing (or burrow in the existing holes) while others come to prey on the animals already living there. The danger is that these pests, such as termites or rats, may migrate to your house or barn and start damaging your property.

Spread of Diseases

If a tree is dead because it was infected by a disease, then the disease may spread to other living trees and cause widespread damage. This is especially true of fungal diseases, such as anthracnose. This shade tree disease hides in fallen leaves and dead twigs, from which it can attack other trees. In fact, its management calls for pruning, raking up and discarding the infected debris. If the tree is already dead, then removing it once and for all makes more sense than waiting to collect the fallen debris.

It Will Cost More to Remove Later

Due to the unpredictable nature of a rotten tree, it costs more to remove than a live tree or one that is still sturdy. For example, it will be costly and tricky to remove if the branches have started falling and it's leaning. Removing a rotten tree is tricky because it can easily fall, and in most cases, the dead branches have to be trimmed first. Therefore, it pays to call for the tree removers as soon as you notice that your tree is dead, and you have decided to get rid of it.

It Lowers Your Curb Appeal

Trees increase curb appeal, but only if they are alive and full of luxurious foliage. Once they die, then your neighbors may start wondering what happened to the nice house with the nice yard next door. It's not just the standing dead tree that you have to worry about; the falling branches, leaves, and barks only make your yard dirty. It may be a hustle to keep your home free of this debris, and this will also reduce your curb appeal too.

Call a tree removal professional (such as one from Troyer Tree Service Inc) to help you with the task. As explained above, it's more tricky to cut down a dead tree than a live one; the risk is just too great.