Four Tips To Help Deal With Roots Growing In Your Sewer Lines

If you have trees growing around your home, they can add to the value of your property. They can provide shade to keep your home cool and give you greenery. With the trees comes certain hazards, such as them falling or roots causing problems with mechanical systems. The roots can get into sewer lines and cause costly plumbing problems. Here are some tips to help you deal with roots in your sewer lines:

1. Know Where Your Sewer Lines Are

One of the best ways to protect yourself from sewer problems is know where the lines are. This can be good if you plan on doing landscaping renovations and things like planting trees. If you are not sure where the lines are, you can have the utility service come and mark them for you. You can also check the local records of utility locations on your property. This can help you avoid a lot of problems.

2. Plant Trees With Shallow Root Systems

There are many different types of trees and shrubs that you can use in landscaping. In the areas near your sewer lines, use plants that have shallow root systems and a slow growth rate. These plants will be less likely to grow the extensive root systems that can get into, and damage, sewer lines.

3. Install A Root Barrier System To Prevent Growth

There are also many different types of barrier systems that you can install near sewer lines. The barrier will need to be installed between the lines and any trees that can potentially damage them. These can be synthetic materials or you can use things like plywood buried near the lines to create a barrier. You can also use chemical treatments that suppress root growth near sewer lines, but these treatments can also affect other landscaping plants.

4. Relocate Sewer Lines Away From Trees And Plants

If you have sewer lines that are located too close to trees, you may want to consider having them relocated. You can move the lines to an area of your property with fewer trees. Today, there are even directional drilling techniques that can be used to install the lines without doing major excavation that damages landscaping.

These are some tips to help you deal with the roots from trees getting in your sewer lines. If your plumbing is becoming stopped up, contact a tree removal service to remove trees that are too close to your utilities. Check out sites like for more information.