When, What And How To Trim Citrus Trees

Trimming your citrus trees is essential for controlling branch length and the shape of the tree. However, it is also vital when it comes to the health and production of the fruit. Regular trimming and pruning will definitely increase fruit output, reduce watering and improve the overall health of your tree. This article explains the best tools and techniques for trimming citrus trees.

When to Trim

One of the best features of citrus trees is that they require minimal trimming. However, if you are trying to get the most fruitful production out of your citrus tree, you will want to do some basic trimming. It is a good idea to trim during early spring (about February to April) to prepare for the productive summer months. However, if you live in a hot climate (like Arizona) you should not trim as late as April. The summer heat is very bad on trees at it is. Freshly cuts branches can cause serious drying out. Trimming is most important during the first few years of a tree's life. This is when you can selectively trim the branches to ensure that the healthiest branches get the most nutrients.

What to Trim

In order to maintain a healthy citrus tree, you will need to do some selective trimming. First, trim the dead or dying branches. Shape the tree so it has a nice, evenly rounded canopy. However, you cannot just trim the unproductive branches. If two successful branches are too close to each other, they can eventually drain nutrients from each other, and neither will last from season to season. So, you will often need to choose one over the other.

How to Trim

When trimming, you don't want to cut right against the trunk. Leave an inch or two of the branch intact. You don't want the decay to reach the main trunk of the tree before the branch dries. You can use saws or simple hedge clippers to do all your trimming. Even the largest citrus trees will not require use of a heavy duty chainsaw, unless you are cutting down the main trunk of the tree.

Citrus trees can grow to have very wide canopies. However, controlling this canopy is simple and not too time consuming. It is best to know how to be selective when pruning so you can make sure your tree is is aesthetically pleasing, but also productive and healthy.

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