What To Know Before Having Stumps Removed From Your Commercial Property

Whether you own a resort or restaurant, having tree stumps removed from your commercial property is a smart investment. Tree stumps are not only an unnecessary eyesore, but a trip hazard to your customers as well. Having stumps removed through chemical treatments, burning, or professional removal are the primary means of getting rid of your problem. So if you're ready to transform your commercial property for the better, here's what you need to know before having stumps removed.

There's More Than One DIY Method

There are a lot of ways to get rid of a stump, but only you can decide what will work the best for your budget and time frame.

Stumps can be removed in a natural or do-it-yourself fashion using chemicals that are poured into holes drilled into a stump, though time is your limiting factor for this approach. Chemical removal can take weeks or months to complete, and even when you do it, you may not end up killing root extensions that can still pose a substantial trip hazard, unless you drill holes into all of the roots and perform the same procedure until the stump is completely gone.

Another inexpensive and natural method of removing stumps involves drilling holes into a stump and pouring the same solution of potassium nitrate into the holes, then setting the stump on fire. Though burning a stump is effective at removing large portions of a dead tree, it will also miss root extensions that are above ground. And since fire codes dictate whether you're able to burn on your commercial property or not, you need to carefully consider if this means offers the best results for you. 

You can also rent stump grinding equipment, for another do-it-yourself approach, but there's a definite danger with operating the equipment, not to mention it can cost you hundreds of dollars for one day's work. If you have many stumps to remove at one time, this could be a viable option. But having a professional grind your stumps may be the better solution to a do-it-yourself approach.

What Professional Help Offers

A professional stump grinder can sometimes be the more expensive option over do-it-yourself methods, though it can cost less than equipment rental if you're only having one or two done at once. Professional stump grinders also often offer discounts if you have a property with multiple stumps to remove. A professional works to quickly remove any stump with a grinder, independent of the hardness of the wood, diameter of the tree, root extensions, or depth of surface removal. Even large banyan trees, or other trees with massive diameters, can be handled in a couple of hours with professional help, so you can transform your commercial property to stump-free almost over night. To find out more, speak with someone like Buskirk Tree Service.