4 Must Know Facts About Ticks

Gone are the days when ticks were just ticks. They came from dogs, you pulled them off, flushed them down the toilet and the deed was done. Those ticks are still around, of course, but there are other ticks, such as the deer tick, that carry diseases. These other ticks are said to be responsible for Lyme Disease and other tick-borne diseases. Read on below for some facts about ticks everyone needs to know. 

Ticks Crawl Up, not Down

The first thing you need to know is that ticks don't fall or fly into your hair. They are programmed to get as close to your head and scalp as possible and tend to want to feed there. What they do is crawl up your feet and legs, then all the way up your body to latch on and begin feeding.

Ticks are Active in the Winter as well

While other ticks stop feeding during the winter months, the deer tick keeps right on going. Your best bet is to call in tick control services to spray your yard before the first snow hits and at the first frost as well. Remember, that anytime there is no snow on the ground or even during the first spring thaw, deer ticks are active and ready to latch on and feed.

24 Hours to Remove

With the majority of tick-borne diseases, you have 24 hours to find and remove the tick before infection can start to set in. It usually takes 24 hours for Lyme disease to get mixed with the tick's saliva. Making sure that you have your yard treated and doing daily checks for ticks if you have seen them in your yard can help to prevent infection from happening.

Tick Bites are Easy to Prevent

The only way that you can get a tick-borne disease is if a tick bites you. Therefore, the best way to prevent it from happening is to keep the tick population down in your yard. From calling in the tick control professionals to having trees promptly removed from your yard if you suspect an infestation, prevention is much easier than having to find a cure.

These are just a few of the things that people should know about ticks in this day and age of tick-borne diseases. If you take precautions and have pest control come in to treat your yard, you will not have to worry about deer ticks invading your yard and hurting your family. 

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