3 Methods For Removing A Tree Stump

Did you recently cut a tree down in your yard? Is the stump still in place? There's nothing saying that you have to have the stump removed. However, they can be unsightly and you may have other ideas for what you'd like to do with that space. Tree stumps can also be a safety hazard. Kids can trip over them and fall and hurt themselves. Fortunately, tree stumps aren't too difficult to remove. In fact, you may be able to do the job yourself. Here are a few different ways that you can remove your tree stump:

Grind it. You can rent a stump grinder from most tool and equipment rental businesses. Before you start grinding, you'll want to clear away any overgrown grass or brush from the area. Also, use a chainsaw to cut the stump down as close as possible to the ground. After you've cleared the area and trimmed the stump, you can then begin grinding. You simply raise the grinder a few inches above the stump, turn it on, and the lower the grinder into the wood. The grinder should have a lever on the handle that will allow you to move it back and forth. This will cut the stump into small pieces, hence the name "grinder."

After you've ground down the stump sufficiently, you should be able to dig out any remaining roots and chunks of wood. If you've never used a grinder before, you may want to watch an instructional video first or ask for a quick lesson at the rental company.

Kill it. Your local hardware store or gardening store may sell stump remover, which is a liquid that contains potassium nitrate. Drill holes around the sides of the stump and in the top of it. Then pour the stump killer into the holes. After you pour in the stump killer, fill the holes with water. Over the next few weeks, you should notice the stump rotting and softening. Eventually, it will get so soft that you can chop it up with an ax and then dig it out with a shovel.

Burn it. Another option is to simply burn the stump away. Again, you'll need to drill holes in the top of the stump and around the sides. You can fill the holes with the potassium nitrate stump killer or you can also use kerosene. Once you've done that, cover the top of the stump with dry sticks and kindling. Use a fire start log to get a flame going with the stick and kindling. As the fire spreads, the stump should catch. Wait until the stump burns completely and then dig out the ashes with a shovel. Of course, if you do choose to burn it, make sure the surrounding area is free of dry leaves and other materials that could cause the fire to spread.

If you're not sure you want to do the job yourself, contact a local stump removal service, such as Brown's Tree Service. They can likely have your stump removed in just a few hours.