3 Interesting Facts About The Southern Magnolia Tree

When it comes to adding trees to your landscape design, you are probably overwhelmed by your options. From evergreens or fruit trees to massive trees that produce flowers or shade, it is easy to see the challenges of finding the best tree for your yard. Thankfully, the Southern Magnolia is an excellent option to consider especially if you live in the southern part of the country. With this guide,  you will learn a few interesting facts about this elegant and classic tree.

It Gets Big, Like Very Big

When you think about  magnolia trees, you may not realize how large they are capable of growing. While surprising to learn, the Southern Magnolia tree can grow very tall and very wide.

The Southern Magnolia tree can grow to heights of 60 to 80 feet. In addition, the massive spread of the tree is a factor to consider. Many of the trees will grow out to be around 40 feet wide.

It is important to take the potential size into consideration when choosing a location for the Southern Magnolia tree in your yard. Do not plant it too close to your home's exterior. Also, avoid planting the tree in an area where it could grow to affect powerlines and other outdoor structures.

The Blooms Look ( And Smell) Divine

One of the greatest benefits of having a magnolia tree in your yard is the beautiful look of the flowers that bloom during the late part of spring and all through the summer.

The large white flowers pop out against the deep green foliage, enhancing the look of your curb appeal and the overall value of your home.

In addition to the beauty of the flowers, you will also enjoy fragrance emitted by the elegant blooms. The fragrance can be so strong to some, but it is an appealing benefit for the majority of people who own one or more of these trees.

It's Durable, But Does Require a Bit of Work

The Southern Magnolia is a durable tree that can thrive in full sun or partial shade. It is also capable of surviving periods of high heat and drought. While incredibly strong and easy to grow, the tree does require a bit of work to keep it appealing and healthy.

Pruning is a key part of maintenance, since the tree's branches can become heavy over time.

As they grow and become heavier, the lower branches will begin drooping to the ground. Trimming off these bottom branches is beneficial to improve the look of the tree, but it will also help elevate the other branches to keep the tree healthy for longer.

If you are searching for an elegant tree that will stand the test of time, consider the Southern Magnolia. With the right understanding and care, this tree will make a massive, appealing, and fragrant statement in your yard. Contact a company, like Phoenix Tree Service , for more help.