3 Yard And Garden Tasks It Makes Sense To Outsource

If you're like most homeowners, you enjoy spending time in your outdoor living space on evenings and weekends when weather permits. Relaxing with friends, family, and neighbors during backyard barbecues, simply sitting with a spouse, or relaxing solo while savoring a quiet moment are just a few activities that top the lists of many people. Some also appreciate the opportunity to grow a vegetable or herb garden and maybe even a fruit tree or two to provide food for the family table, while others get an immense amount of satisfaction out of growing beautiful flowers. Even certain yard and garden chores such as raking leaves and mowing the lawn are considered enjoyable activities by some people. However, there are some tasks that you're better off outsourcing to a professional. The following are three of them.

Tree Planting 

Many people decide to plant trees based on a whim — they see a beautiful flowering specimen in a catalog or at their local nursery and decide they need to have it in their yard, or they're attracted to the idea of growing at least some of their own fruit. Both of these are excellent reasons to introduce a new tree to your outdoor living space, but unless you're pretty knowledgeable about arboriculture, it may be best to leave the actual legwork involved in siting and planting the tree to a professional.  A tree that's planted in the wrong place is likely to languish and die — for instance, a sun-loving peach tree may not even flower and set fruit if planted in shade. It's also important that trees are planted properly if they're going to thrive. 

Tree Removal 

It's rarely a good idea for homeowners to attempt tree removal on their own. This task requires specialized equipment, and risk of injury is high for those who don't really know what they're doing. You may also be held liable for monetary damages if the tree you're trying to remove inadvertently injures a neighbor or someone passing by. A tree care professional will have the right equipment and expertise to do the job properly. 

Tree Pruning 

There is a lot more to tree pruning than just cutting back uneven growth and removing dead or dying branches. Certain types of trees need to be pruned in specific ways. For instance, fruit trees should always be pruned when dormant to avoid the possibility of pathogens entering the tree's vascular system. There are certain ornamental hardwoods that can be pruned at the end of summer, while others really should be pruned in late winter just before they break dormancy. A professional will know how different species need to be pruned.