Severely Leaning Trees: Why Can't You Straighten Your Tree Out?

If one of your backyard trees leans too closely to your house or garage, you may do all you can to straighten it out. But if bracing and staking your tree doesn't straighten it out, you may need to pull up the tree instead. Here are things that may affect your tree's growth and why removing the tree may be the best option for you.

Why Does Your Tree Lean So Much?

Many homeowners rely on trees and other vegetation to keep their property shady and cool during the summer and warm and comfortable during the winter. In an attempt to keep their trees healthy, some homeowners may over-prune the trees' roots. However, trimming tree roots too much can actually damage or weaken them instead. Damaged roots may not have the ability to soak in the nutrients and water found in the soil. Some trees may begin to lean in the soil if they lack strong roots.

Although bracing can help support and potentially straighten a leaning tree, it may not work in every case. If the roots become too weak to stay within the soil or below the ground, the tree may topple over. The tree may also fall under heavy rain, wind, or another intense weather condition. 

You can eliminate the issues above by having a contractor remove your leaning tree.

How Do You Pull Up or Remove Your Tree?

A tree contractor may need to check the condition of your tree's roots before remove it from the ground. If some of the roots are still firmly secured in the ground, it may take a great deal of effort to remove the tree. The roots may also be long enough to travel to your house, garden, or another nearby structure. Tree roots can cause problems with your landscape and plumbing if a contractor doesn't remove them properly.

Once a tree contractor has the situation under control, they'll use chainsaws and various other equipment to cut the tree down. A contractor may also use a stump grinder and small excavator to clear the site for you. If the site still contains roots, a tree contractor may remove them. If you wish to learn more about the tree removal process, speak to your tree service provider immediately.

If your tree won't stay straight no matter what you do to it, contact a tree service contractor or an arborist for help today. Visit websites like to learn more.