Signs That A Tree May Have Been Struck By Lightening

Trees can be struck by lightening. If you are in the home when this happens, you may hear a loud boom and it may feel like your home is shaking. If you are not home, you may see damage to the tree, but not know the cause of it. If a tree was struck by lightening, it needs to be inspected by a tree care company immediately. This type of professional can determine whether the tree was truly struck by lightening, how much damage the lightening did, what immediate steps can be taken to save a lightening-damaged tree, or if the tree will die and should be removed. Here are a few of the signs that your tree may have been struck by lightening. 

Leaves or Limbs Scattered Across Your Yard

If your tree was struck by lightening, you may see leaves or limbs scattered across your yard. The lightening strike may have caused limbs or branches to fall and/or leaves to fall from the tree immediately. This is why you see the debris strewn across your yard. If you see your yard like this after a storm, and none of your neighbors have limbs or leaves in their yard, there is a good chance your tree was struck by lightening. 

Chunks of Bark Missing From the Tree

Another sign that your tree may have been struck by lightening is chunks of bark missing from the tree. This may be along the trunk area or along the limbs or branches. The jolt of electricity can shock the tree and cause bark to fall off in large patches. 

A Sudden Lack of Leaves or Wilted Leaves 

The jolt of electricity that a lightening strike gives your tree can also cause leaves to suddenly fall from the tree or cause leaves to wilt. If you look up at your tree and it looks very sparse or has wilted leaves immediately after a storm, a jolt of lightening could be the cause. 

A Large Crack Along the Trunk of the Tree

The final sign that your tree may have been struck by lightening is a large vertical crack along the trunk of the tree. If the crack is deep, this is usually a giveaway that your tree will die due to the lightening strike. 

If your tree is showing one or more of these signs, and you suspect it may have been struck by lightening, it is important to have it inspected by a professional as quickly as possible. If the tree was struck by lightening, taking immediate steps may help to save the tree and/or prevent limbs or branches from unexpectedly falling and causing damage or injury. Contact a tree care professional to learn more.