3 Reasons to Have Your Trees Trimmed by Professionals

Keeping your trees trimming is vital to their long-term health, but it's a little more complex than it may seem on the surface. All sorts of factors can play into when the trees are trimmed, how they're trimmed, and what extra care they need. Here's how hiring a professional can make your life easier.

Damage and Decay Can Be Hard to Spot

Unless you regularly examine your trees up close, you may miss many signs of problems that can be almost invisible. The biggest example is tree rot, which can cause the inside of your tree to become hollowed out. This weakens the tree and may cause it to lean and potentially fall over. This also makes trimming more dangerous, as weakened branches may snap. Tree rot can also affect your tree's roots, which makes the problem even harder to spot.

Severe weather can also damage trees or make them less stable, and this may not be immediately noticeable. Even if roots are weakened, the tree may not lean.

A professional will be able to immediately notice these problems when it comes to routine trimming. This can affect how your trees are trimmed, as damaged branches can be removed and any potential risks taken care of before they cause severe problems. If your tree has a more serious need, like fixing leaning, this can be taken care of too, but catching it early is a must.

Different Trees Are Treated Differently

There are at least sixty types of trees in the world, and far more species. With this in mind, keeping track of the different trees you might have and their individual needs can be daunting. Some trees need to be trimmed during different times in winter, while some need to be trimmed in spring instead immediately after blooming. Fruit-bearing trees will have different needs from evergreens, which will in turn differ from many deciduous tree types.

If you know what types of trees you have on your property this can make things a little easier, but in case you don't a professional can identify them for you and help explain their varying needs. They can also explain how they can help you take care of them. Trimming is an important part of tree care, and should be done every few years, so professional work is worth it.

Professionals Can Catch Diseases Early

Most trees are susceptible to diseases, most of which can harm or even kill trees. Beyond possibly resulting in the death of your trees, there are a few additional problems that come with trees being infected. Disease can weaken or kill branches that get infected first, which can cause them to fall or be more likely to snap. Diseased trees can also produce bad fruit or lose many of their leaves, which can be an issue if your trees are used for shade.

Diseased trees can be caught early, and one of the ways they can be saved is if diseased branches are cut off before the disease spreads to the rest of the tree. Other treatment plans can also be administered, but it's always best if any problems are caught or pointed out quickly.

As a bonus, your professional is likely up to date on any regional diseases affecting your type of tree, and in many cases can offer preventative care so your trees stay safe.

If you're interested in more information about protecting your trees, contact a company like Complete Tree Care.