Removing Stumps Beneath Your Lawn

There's nothing worse than stepping on a stump, running over it with a lawnmower, or other issues. These leftovers from trees that have been felled or cut down can be a real hazard.  If you've ever stepped on a stump before, chances are you'll be cautious when you go back to that same spot. Even if you're careful to avoid them, there's always there. If stumps are buried deep in your lawn or under dirt and other stuff that might be hiding them, then the following information is for you:

Assess the Stump and Other Hazards

Even though tree stumps are less scary than monsters, they're still something to be avoided. A tree stump is a piece of a tree that can sprout roots and grow into your yard. They're also dangerous to kids and pets, and they can be an eyesore. It's important to assess the area before removing it to avoid accidentally damaging any nearby trees.

Make sure that you know where there are live roots that need to be avoided. In addition, there might be hazards like buried utilities and rocks that need to be identified and clearly marked before the stump removal can be done safely.

Safe Preparation for Stump Removal

Tree stump removal is a relatively safe procedure, and with the right preparation, they can be removed safely. There is some stump removal preparation that needs to be done before the work begins.

Your lawn or overgrowth needs to be cut and the ground graded properly. The stump needs to be located, and it might be necessary to excavate around it. Once the stump and all of its roots have been located, the removal service will begin digging around them. All of the roots need to be exposed to ensure the entire stump is removed. If there are areas where a grinder can't be used, the stump removal service will dig and cut the roots out manually, which might need to be done around buried sewer lines and utilities.

Different Stump Removal Techniques

To remove a stump, most homeowners and landscapers use a basic shovel to dig out and grind it out. However, those methods can leave the stump in the ground. Professional stump removal services use other techniques and equipment to remove the stumps. A stump grinder uses a rotating disk that's several inches in diameter to chop or grind the stump into mulch. The grinding process also cuts out part of the stump, leaving a vertical hole.

Another machine that professional services use is a stump cutter that removes a tree stump in a horizontal direction, slicing it off below ground level. If it's done properly, a stump cutter will leave a trench around the stump, so digging it out or even trying to pull it up is impossible. Both stump grinders and stump cutters require special equipment. Before hiring a professional service, be sure they have the equipment they need to finish the job.

Whether you need a new lawn or not, the best way to deal with stumps is to have them removed. Contact a stump removal service to get the help you need removing pesky stumps.