What Is the Emerald Ash Borer and What Should You Do About It?

An emerald ash borer is one pest you don't want to see on your property and if you do spot one, it's wise to call a tree specialist right away. Learn what an emerald ash borer is, what you should do about it, and what taking care of them might cost. 

What an emerald ash borer is

An emerald ash borer is a pesky insect that preys on trees and eventually kills or infects them. The emerald ash borer is a strikingly pretty beetle at first glance with its iridescent green body and slim appeal, but the insect is responsible for mass elimination or damage to ash trees across several states and is considered an invasive insect species. If you see an emerald ash borer on your property, trap the insect right away and call your tree service specialist immediately.

What you should do about the emerald ash borer

Isolation and elimination of this backyard pest is key to protecting whole species of trees and keeping landscapes healthy. There is likely an emerald ash borer treatment you can use to help kill or reduce the population of this invasive beetle on your property, but you have to act fast. The borer does exactly as its name implies: bores into the main core of trees to deform or kill them, causing them to grow strangely or die due to parasitism.

Unchecked emerald ash borer invasions can kill whole trees and lead to the destruction of others. There are several pesticide emerald ash borer treatment types to choose from, and your tree service specialist will use the one they feel is best for your situation.

Costs vary for this treatment, depending on how large or generally healthy a tree is prior to its ash borer invasion. The amount of pesticide that is used in your emerald ash borer treatment will affect the cost as well as each injection in your tree costs a fee.

Even if you don't see any emerald ash borer beetles on your property, if you live within 15 miles of a confirmed infestation, call your tree specialist and see if investing in an emerald ash borer treatment is right for you. You might need to have this treatment done as a protocol or safety measure, especially if you have very healthy or desirable trees. The sooner you invest in emerald ash borer prevention, the sooner you can help protect your trees and keep them healthy for years to come.