3 Ways To Prune Dormant Shrubs In Your Yard

Pruning is one of the best ways to enhance the beauty of your landscape. However, improper pruning can ruin your yard by weakening or deforming your plants and shrubs.

If you plan to get rid of dormant shrubs in your yard, you may face uncertainty about the best ways to prune them. Pruning requires you to have the right skills to ensure your shrubs are healthy while maintaining your yard's value. Below are some of the methods you can adopt to help you with the job.

1. Thinning Out

This pruning method involves cutting off a branch or twig at its origin point, either at ground level or from the parent stem. As a result, it leaves your shrub more open. This method hinders excessive new growth while ensuring that side branches have room for growth.

Thinning out alters your shrub's natural growth and appearance, enhancing its health and your yard's beauty. This method also allows you to maintain your shrubs at the most suitable width and height. You can thin out your shrubs using a saw, loppers, or pruning shears.

Also, it would help if you pruned the tallest and oldest branches first to achieve your desired look. While you can thin out your shrubs, it would be best to seek professional tree services to ensure you do not damage your shrubs.

2. Gradual Renewal

This pruning method involves removing a few of the tallest and oldest branches at ground level. While shrubs mainly get dormant during winter, it is best to prune them during early spring to enhance their growth.

Once you have renewed your shrubs, it will take time to become overcrowded again, making it a long-lasting method. Additionally, frequent pruning can weaken your shrub and open it to infection from pests and diseases.

If you are unsure about gradual renewal, contact your local tree services to sort you out.

3. Rejuvenation Pruning

Unlike the other methods, rejuvenation pruning involves cutting a significant portion of the tallest and oldest branches at ground level once new growth begins. This method is most effective if you want to restore an old but healthy shrub in your yard. It allows the shrub to regrow from its roots into a younger plant.

Consider this option if you have a flowering shrub. First, however, contact your tree services provider to perform the pruning process professionally without damaging the shrub and your yard.

Pruning your dormant shrubs is one of the best ways to promote their health and enhance your yard's appearance. Feel free to adopt one of the above pruning methods to achieve the best outcomes. Also, you may need professional tree services such as Justin's Tree Service to perform tree pruning and ensure your shrubs stay healthy.