Ways Of Correcting Tree Pruning Mistakes

Pruning is a tree maintenance practice that ensures your trees remain healthy and productive. There is an ideal time to prune and the right way to do it. Pruning mistakes often lead to unsightly and unhealthy trees. Here are some ways you can correct your pruning mistakes. 

Pruning At the Wrong Time

The ideal time for pruning is during winter or early spring. During this time, trees stop growing. Many people make the mistake of pruning during summer or fall. This means they end up removing fruits, flowers, or even buds.

To rectify this mistake, you should wait until winter to prune again. You can use thinning cuts, which entails removing an entire branch at the trunk. Alternatively, you can use reduction cuts, which entails cutting a branch back to a lateral branch.

Excessive Pruning 

Another mistake people make is over-pruning. While cutting plants back keeps them healthy, it doesn't mean you should do it constantly. Over pruning leads to stunted growth. The solution to this mistake is to avoid pruning for a while. Leave the tree to heal. Use fertilizer to boost the health of your tree. When it's time to prune the tree, call an arborist to show you how to do it correctly.

Incorrect Pruning

If the tree in your yard is tall, you might be tempted to cut off the top to reduce its size. As a result, the tree will create several leaders to replace the one it has lost. Most topping accidents happen because you want to keep your tree at a specific height.

When a tree creates several leaders to replace the one you have chopped off, this competition causes the tree to lose its structural integrity. The remedy to this problem is to designate a leader. Prune out competing leaders or overly grown branches, so the remaining branch is dominant. 

Not Pruning

One of the most apparent pruning mistakes is not doing it. Many people leave their trees and branches to grow awkwardly without paying attention to their yard's aesthetics or the plants' health. Overgrown and unkempt trees also attract pests and diseases.

Consult an arborist if you are reluctant to prune your trees because you don't know how to do it. The professional will not only prune the tree correctly but also advise you on tree care and maintenance.

Pruning is a crucial tree care procedure that shouldn't be taken lightly. Severe pruning mistakes can damage trees to the point that you will have to remove them from your yard. To enjoy the natural benefits of healthy trees, hire a professional tree service company to nurture, care for, and maintain them.