How To Stay Safe During Tree Removal

Tree removal is a risky job for DIYers. You can die or get seriously injured during tree removal projects. As such, you must learn how to stay safe when cutting down trees.

This piece has some safety tips that could come in handy for tree removal projects. 

Wear Safety Gear

Wearing the proper safety gear is a must when cutting down a tree. You can't talk about safety, yet you are cutting down trees in your everyday shoes and clothes. You must be armed with leather gloves, boots, a helmet, safety goggles, hearing protection, and chainsaw protection. All this gear will protect you from common tree removal injuries.

Don't Work Alone

Tree removal isn't a project that you should do alone. You need some extra hands to monitor the tree. Remember, your work is to focus on cutting the tree's base. Therefore, you'll need someone to watch falling branches and the direction the tree is falling. Your partner should alert you about any dangers. They can also provide first aid if you get injured.

Protect Others

Your kids will want to watch you as you cut down a tree in your backyard. However, you must ensure that your loved ones and pets are watching from afar. You can estimate the felling zone based on the tree's height and mark it off. The kids and pets should keep off the zone until you complete the job. At least you won't have to fret about the tree falling on your kids or pets.

Beware of Power Lines

Bringing down a tree that's close to power lines is quite risky. You wouldn't want to come into contact with live wires as it might be fatal. That said, you should avoid working on trees that are pretty close to live wires. And if you must do it, you should inform your electric company to turn off the line. They can even insulate the line to protect you.

Check the Weather

Tree removal should always be done during calm weather. You can easily predict the direction where the tree will fall if the weather is favorable. On the other hand, strong winds can alter the direction of the fall, making the task risky. 

Hire a Tree Removal Service

With all the possible risks mentioned here, you should avoid DIY tree removal. Paying for a tree removal service will keep you and your loved ones safe. These guys are trained to remove trees safely. Besides, they have equipment that makes their job easier and safer.