A Basic Guide To Emergency Tree Removal Services

A tree can quickly become dangerous for a variety of reasons, including storm damage or giving in to the ravages of age. Fortunately, emergency tree services are available and able to respond even if the damage occurs after hours.

Emergency Situations

Not every tree removal is an emergency. The most obvious types of emergency are those that are posing an imminent danger. Trees or large branches that have become entangled in utility lines, for example, or a tree that is threatening to fall on the house. Trees that have already fallen onto structures are also a major hazard that must be addressed before you re-enter the home.

Other emergency situations may not be posing an immediate hazard, but are still dangerous. For example, if a tree falls across a road or your driveway, it blocks access for emergency vehicles so it must be removed as quickly as possible. 

Removal Preparation

You can aid your removal service by preparing ahead of their arrival. You don't want to approach the tree, especially if it is entangled in power lines, but you can bring in pets and clear the area so that no one is in danger during the process. Make note of any hazards or challenges you notice so you can alert the tree removal service to the situation when they arrive.

It's also a good idea to take photographs of the damage from as many angles as safely possible. You will need this documentation for your insurance company. In areas where permits are required for tree removal, these photographs may also be needed in order to retroactively apply for the permit as you may need proof that it was an emergency situation.

What to Expect

How quickly the removal service shows up will depend on many factors, including whether they offer 24/7 service. If there are a lot of downed trees in the area, such as from a storm, then it may take longer to receive service. Calling the tree removal company as soon as possible may help move you to the top of the list in this situation. 

Upon arrival, the service will assess the situation and counteract any immediate hazards, such as having the power cut to any affected lines or to your home. They will then make a removal plan and implement it, working hard to avoid further damage. Afterward, the debris will be cleaned up and carted away. They may also put a tarp or other protective covering over any damage on the home so water doesn't get in while you await repair services.

Contact a local 24-hour emergency tree removal service if you are in need.