Understanding Common Diseases of Elm Trees

Elm trees hold a beloved place in many homeowners' hearts. Unfortunately, these stately shade trees have suffered greatly in recent years from both infestation and disease. For that reason, it is more important than ever to keep your elm trees in good shape. If you would like to increase your awareness of the perils they face, read on. This article will discuss two common diseases and how to keep them at bay.

Why Are There Squiggly Lines On Your Pine Tree's Bark?

When you look at your pine tree's bark, do you see squiggly little lines that look almost like something crawled across the tree? Chances are, your tree is affected by the pine bark beetle. These beetles eat their way across the bark, leaving those squiggly lines you're noticing. Here's a closer look at this pest and what you need to do about an infestation. What is the pine bark beetle?

3 Potential Reasons Why Your Pecan Tree Isn't Producing Pecans

If you have a pecan tree on your property, you might dream of being able to harvest delicious pecans straight from your backyard. If your tree doesn't produce well -- or at all -- it can be highly disappointing. Luckily, you may be able to get down to the bottom of the problem. These are a few potential reasons why your pecan tree might not be producing pecans. 1. Your Pecan Tree Isn't Getting Enough Water

Five Shade-Tolerant Trees For Your Property

You can do a number of things to make your property more hospitable for your favorite trees. Among other things, you can provide supplemental water, add fertilizer to the soil or tinker with the drainage patterns of the land. But sun exposure is pretty tricky to adjust. There are likely to be a few spots on your property that are perpetually dappled in shade. The only way to grow trees in these spots is to select species, varieties or cultivars accustomed to living in the forest understory.

Pruning A Tree? Follow These Safety Tips To Protect Yourself And Others

Pruning your trees is essential for keeping them healthy and for preventing weak branches from falling off and causing damage to your home. However, pruning does present a few hazards – both to the person who is pruning and to anyone else who happens to be around during the process. Follow these tips to protect yourself and others. Never trim near power lines. If a tree is growing around power lines, that is not a tree you should be trimming yourself.

5 Reasons To Have A Tree Removed

If you enjoy a certain tree in your yard or even have a sentimental attachment to it, there may still be a reason that the tree needs to be removed. In some instances, it is best not to attempt to salvage a tree. Instead, its removal offers greater safety and simply makes more sense. Here are a few instances in which a tree should be removed: The tree shows signs of disease

Diseases And Insects That Can Hurt Your Shagbark Hickory – And How To Prevent Further Damage To Your Tree And Yard

The shagbark hickory tree is a tall, noble-looking tree with gray bark that starts to sag and easily peel as the tree ages. Shagbarks have smooth white nuts that attract a variety of wildlife and large twisting branches thick with glossy green leaves for shade.  A shagbark hickory is a good addition to a large yard if you want some elegant shade and to attract a variety of wildlife. Owning and overseeing trees involves knowing how to identify the symptoms of diseases and insect infestation so that you know when to call in a tree service.

3 Methods For Removing A Tree Stump

Did you recently cut a tree down in your yard? Is the stump still in place? There's nothing saying that you have to have the stump removed. However, they can be unsightly and you may have other ideas for what you'd like to do with that space. Tree stumps can also be a safety hazard. Kids can trip over them and fall and hurt themselves. Fortunately, tree stumps aren't too difficult to remove.