Help Your Nut Tree Thrive With These Fertilizing Dos And Don'ts

Nut trees provide not only a lush and beautiful landscape but also tasty treats for humans and animals alike. And one key component of maintaining a happy, thriving nut tree is fertilization. To help you give your nut trees the fertilization they need, here are a few important dos and don'ts.  Do Test Your Soil A great start is to test your soil. Soil testing is relatively easy for even the casual gardener, and it reveals many key details you'll want to know.

Why You Should Remove A Tree With A Crane

Do you have an especially large tree on your property that you need to remove? Is there a tree marked for removal but it is very close to your house, someone else's house, or a power line? Depending on your situation, you might not want to just start swinging with an ax and hope for the best. For some tree removals, you may need to go above and beyond and hire a crane company to help you.

How To Stay Safe During Tree Removal

Tree removal is a risky job for DIYers. You can die or get seriously injured during tree removal projects. As such, you must learn how to stay safe when cutting down trees. This piece has some safety tips that could come in handy for tree removal projects.  Wear Safety Gear Wearing the proper safety gear is a must when cutting down a tree. You can't talk about safety, yet you are cutting down trees in your everyday shoes and clothes.