4 Must Know Facts About Ticks

Gone are the days when ticks were just ticks. They came from dogs, you pulled them off, flushed them down the toilet and the deed was done. Those ticks are still around, of course, but there are other ticks, such as the deer tick, that carry diseases. These other ticks are said to be responsible for Lyme Disease and other tick-borne diseases. Read on below for some facts about ticks everyone needs to know.

Fruits Of Your Labors: How To Keep Your Fruit Trees Healthy Through Pruning

Fruit trees add a lot to your yard's landscaping. Not only do they provide what all trees do -- shade, beauty and privacy -- but they also yield tasty fruit you can enjoy all year long. But it's important to care for your fruiting trees so that they live long and healthy lives. Here are the 5 steps to keeping your tree in its best condition. Prune your young tree aggressively for about the first 3 years.

Answers To Two Common Tree Removal Questions

Over the time that you own your home, you may be unfortunate enough to have one of your trees develop a serious illness or suffer extensive damage. When this happens, it may be necessary to remove the tree, but these are complicated projects. If you are needing to have a tree removed for the first time, you might benefit from having the following two questions addressed. Will You Need To Obtain A Permit For A Tree Removal?

What To Know Before Having Stumps Removed From Your Commercial Property

Whether you own a resort or restaurant, having tree stumps removed from your commercial property is a smart investment. Tree stumps are not only an unnecessary eyesore, but a trip hazard to your customers as well. Having stumps removed through chemical treatments, burning, or professional removal are the primary means of getting rid of your problem. So if you're ready to transform your commercial property for the better, here's what you need to know before having stumps removed.

2 Things To Know About Planting A Privacy Hedge Around Your Yard

If you live in a subdivision and would like to have more privacy at your home, you might be able to achieve this by planting trees along your property line. This is often referred to as a privacy hedge, and it is a good alternative to installing a fence around your home. If you would like to do this, there are several things you should know before you begin the project.

3 Leaf Diseases That Can Affect Your Sugar Maple's Beauty

Sugar maple trees are known for producing maple syrup and for the vibrant, beautiful leaf color changes during autumn. Tree diseases that affect the leaves can strip your tree of its yearly show of beauty and leave your yard looking bare. While most leaf diseases don't pose any long-term dangers to the tree's health, cosmetic appeal is one of the main reasons to have a sugar maple and it's worthwhile to keep the leaves looking healthy.

When, What And How To Trim Citrus Trees

Trimming your citrus trees is essential for controlling branch length and the shape of the tree. However, it is also vital when it comes to the health and production of the fruit. Regular trimming and pruning will definitely increase fruit output, reduce watering and improve the overall health of your tree. This article explains the best tools and techniques for trimming citrus trees. When to Trim One of the best features of citrus trees is that they require minimal trimming.

Four Tips To Help Deal With Roots Growing In Your Sewer Lines

If you have trees growing around your home, they can add to the value of your property. They can provide shade to keep your home cool and give you greenery. With the trees comes certain hazards, such as them falling or roots causing problems with mechanical systems. The roots can get into sewer lines and cause costly plumbing problems. Here are some tips to help you deal with roots in your sewer lines:

Dying Trees: Getting To The Root Of The Problem

There is no debating the benefits provided by trees, and property owners use the natural beauty of trees to provide an aesthetic source of shade that can also prevent soil run off. However, trees can become a serious threat to human health if dying ones are not properly identified and treated. Recently, ABC reported that the governor of California was forced to declare a state of emergency to seek help with the removal of trees killed by four years of drought and a bark beetle epidemic to prevent potential wildfires from spreading.

Why You Should Remove That Dead Tree In Your Yard

Most people know that they should remove dead trees on their properties. The main reason for this is to prevent the tree, or its branches, from falling and causing property damage and injuries. However, the risk of falling isn't the only reason you should worry about a dead tree in your compound. Here are four more reasons to think about:   Pests Dead trees attract different pests, such as rats, snakes, termites, birds, wasps, and many others.

3 Diseases That Affect Aspen Trees

Aspen trees are tall, narrow trees with white bark and thin leaves that are bright green in summer before turning to bright yellow or orange in the fall. An aspen tree can grow in nearly any type of soil and loves full sunlight, which makes aspens a great choice for many yards. If you have aspens, frequent care and monitoring can help your trees look healthy as long as possible. This care includes identifying and treating aspen tree diseases that can spring up and knowing when to call a tree service for help.

Renting A Home Out? Here's How To Maximize Tenant Interest

Renting a home out is a great way to hold on to its equity without having to worry about paying the mortgage out of pocket until you're ready to sell it. It's also a convenient way to get the mortgage paid if you simply want to take an extended vacation or you plan to work away from home for a while. But you can expect to face some tough competition when it comes time to advertise it on the market.

2 Things To Consider Before Removing A Tree From Your Property

When you have a tree on your property that you want to remove, it is important to consider a few factors. These aspects can help you determine how much the process will cost and they can give you some ideas of what to do with the leftover wood. Location The location of the tree is one factor that can greatly influence the price of removing the tree. For example, trees located near electrical lines will be more expensive to take down.

Four Tips To Get Rid Of Tree Removal Waste By Using It As Compost And Mulch

One of the costs of removing a tree is having the waste disposed of. If you choose to have it hauled off, you may have to pay more for this service. An alternative that you may want to consider is using the waste yourself. It can be made into mulch for landscaping ground cover or even for compost piles. Here are some tips to help you get rid of the waste by using it as ground cover and compost:

Tree Trimming Tool Guide

Keeping your trees properly trimmed is the key to ensuring both their health and ongoing attractiveness. Most trees respond well to annual trimming, typically in late winter or early spring, because this prevents them from becoming overgrown or producing a weak framework. The right tools are also a necessity for a well-pruned and healthy tree. This guide can help you understand what tools you need and how to use them.

Four Reasons To Remove Tree Stumps On Your Rental Property

Managing a rental property is not always easy, but investing in preventive measures is an effective way to prevent major issues from happening, especially when the home is occupied at the time. It is best to take care of these measures before you list the rental property and find tenants, and this is because it can become a difficult and time-consuming process when you have to work around your tenants. When maintaining the landscape, you should remove tree stumps to enjoy numerous benefits.