Why 24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Services Are a Lifesaver

Trees are an important part of the ecosystem and add beauty to your surroundings. At times, trees can jeopardize your safety and property. When a tree is damaged or toppled by severe weather or disease, prompt removal becomes imperative. This is where 24/7 emergency tree removal services come in. These services provide round-the-clock assistance for urgent tree removal needs and offer numerous benefits that make them a lifesaver in times of crisis.

The Importance of Tree Trimming for a Healthy Landscape

Trees are not only beautiful additions to your landscape; they also play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Tree trimming is an essential practice that helps promote the overall health and longevity of trees. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of tree trimming and why it should be a regular part of your landscaping routine. Promotes Growth and Health  Regular tree trimming is not only beneficial for the aesthetics of your trees but also plays a crucial role in their overall health and growth.

Transform Your Property With Professional Landscaping

When it comes to improving the overall appearance and value of your home, investing in professional landscaping can make a world of difference, and landscaping is a great way to achieve your goals. From lush green lawns to vibrant flower beds and elegant hardscaping features, there are endless possibilities when it comes to beautifying your outdoor space. Enhance Curb Appeal One of the most obvious benefits of landscaping is the improvement in curb appeal.

Elevating Landscapes: A Comprehensive Guide to Tree Service

A well-maintained tree can significantly enhance the aesthetics of a landscape, while a neglected one can pose safety risks. This blog delves into the importance of professional tree service, its various aspects, and how it contributes to a safer and more beautiful environment. The Importance of Professional Tree Service Professional tree service plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and beauty of trees. It's about more than just aesthetics; it's about ensuring the safety of the surroundings.

A Guide to Tree Services: Find the Right Professional for Your Needs

Trees are not only beautiful, they also provide numerous benefits to the environment and your health. Maintaining healthy trees is crucial for their longevity and the safety of your property. Proper tree care involves more than just pruning and trimming. It requires the expertise of a professional who understands the science behind tree health and maintenance. In this blog, we will go over the different types of tree services available and how to find the right professional for your needs.

Essential Tree Services: Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

Trees provide numerous benefits to the environment and our daily lives. They add beauty to our surroundings, improve air quality, and provide shade and shelter. However, when a tree dies or becomes a safety hazard, it must be removed, including its stump. This is where professional tree services come in. They can ensure the safe and efficient removal of trees, including stump grinding and removal. What Is Stump Grinding? Stump grinding removes a tree stump using a specialized machine to break apart the stump.

The Significance Of Tree Removal Services

Tree removal services play a crucial role in maintaining the aesthetics and safety of various landscapes. These specialized services involve the safe and efficient removal of trees that may pose risks due to disease, damage, or inconvenient location. When Are Tree Removal Services Necessary? Damaged or Diseased Trees Trees affected by disease or damage can pose significant risks. They may become unstable, especially during severe weather conditions, leading to potential falls that could harm people or cause damage to nearby structures and property.

Determining If a Tree Is Hazardous and Needs to be Removed

A tree that is diseased, decaying, or structurally unsound could pose a significant risk to people and property. As a responsible property owner, it's essential to know when a tree is a hazard and needs to be removed. Here are some of the different signs that indicate a tree is hazardous. Dead or Diseased Branches The first sign that a tree is hazardous is the presence of dead or diseased branches.

A Comprehensive Examination of Benefits Derived from Tree Pruning and Trimming Services

Trees are often considered to be an essential element of any landscape, providing not only aesthetic appeal but also contributing significantly to the ecological balance. However, their growth and health must be maintained appropriately, which is often achieved through services such as tree pruning and trimming. Services for tree pruning and trimming are frequently sought by homeowners and property managers. Such services are typically performed by professionals possessing the necessary skills and understanding of the complexities involved in promoting tree health and safety.

What To Look For In Tree Pruning Services

Tree pruning is necessary for the health of many trees. Not pruning your trees can lead to them growing in areas where they may threaten your home or impact the growth and health of other trees on your property. Hiring professionals is your best option if you have trees that require pruning. When looking for tree pruning services, it's essential to consider several factors to ensure you hire a reputable and skilled company that will take proper care of your trees and property.

Enhancing Your Property's Safety With Wildfire Mitigation Services

A wildfire can spread so quickly that you may be unable to protect your home and property in time before it strikes. Protecting your property from the devastating effects of wildfires is essential and should be considered as soon as possible if you live in a high-risk area. Wildfire mitigation services can offer you various approaches to help protect your home so that you and your family can feel safe and secure.

4 Tree Trimming Tips You Should Implement During Summer

Summer is a great time to trim your trees and promote healthy growth. Without proper tree care, you could lose some of your beautiful big trees or have to suffer from branches blocking driveways and sidewalks. With the hot weather, there are some special precautions to keep in mind when trimming your trees. Here are four tree-trimming tips that can help you maintain the health of your trees and create a pleasant outdoor environment:

3 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Tree Removal Service

Whether you have a dead tree on your property or are simply looking to change up your landscape by removing a tree, hiring the right professional for the job is a must. Otherwise, you could be putting your yard and property at risk. By taking the time to ask a few important questions before hiring a tree removal service, you'll be able to make a confident decision. 1. What Kind of Insurance Do You Carry?

5 Tips For Applying Wood Playground Mulch

Mulching over a playground creates a nice-looking surface area that is also cushioned for when kids inevitably take a small tumble. Wood chips make an excellent playground mulching option when it is properly installed. 1. Choose Soft Woods Wood mulch is available made from hardwood trees or softwood trees. Most softwood mulches are conifer tree varieties, like pine or cedar, so mulch is commonly available. The benefit of softwoods is that they actually create a softer surface that is better at absorbing the shock of a fall.

A Basic Guide To Emergency Tree Removal Services

A tree can quickly become dangerous for a variety of reasons, including storm damage or giving in to the ravages of age. Fortunately, emergency tree services are available and able to respond even if the damage occurs after hours. Emergency Situations Not every tree removal is an emergency. The most obvious types of emergency are those that are posing an imminent danger. Trees or large branches that have become entangled in utility lines, for example, or a tree that is threatening to fall on the house.

4 Tree Care Tips Every Homeonwer Must Know

Trees provide many benefits for our landscape. They not only enhance the landscape but also provide needed oxygen. Taking good care of trees means you can enjoy their beauty longer. Healthy trees are also strong and less likely to fall or cause damage to your yard. While tree care sounds like an easy task, there are a few tips that can help any homeowner ensure their trees are healthy and attractive.

5 Things Your Company Should Know About Timber Harvesting

Timber harvesting references the commercial process of extracting raw wood from forests and plantations. This process is a vital part of the forestry industry, as it helps with the production of materials for construction lumber, paper, bioenergy, and more. Whether you're interested in requesting harvesting services or just have an interest in the forest sector, here are five things that your company should know about timber harvesting. 1. Timber harvesting requires careful planning 

Help Your Nut Tree Thrive With These Fertilizing Dos And Don'ts

Nut trees provide not only a lush and beautiful landscape but also tasty treats for humans and animals alike. And one key component of maintaining a happy, thriving nut tree is fertilization. To help you give your nut trees the fertilization they need, here are a few important dos and don'ts.  Do Test Your Soil A great start is to test your soil. Soil testing is relatively easy for even the casual gardener, and it reveals many key details you'll want to know.

Why You Should Remove A Tree With A Crane

Do you have an especially large tree on your property that you need to remove? Is there a tree marked for removal but it is very close to your house, someone else's house, or a power line? Depending on your situation, you might not want to just start swinging with an ax and hope for the best. For some tree removals, you may need to go above and beyond and hire a crane company to help you.

How To Stay Safe During Tree Removal

Tree removal is a risky job for DIYers. You can die or get seriously injured during tree removal projects. As such, you must learn how to stay safe when cutting down trees. This piece has some safety tips that could come in handy for tree removal projects.  Wear Safety Gear Wearing the proper safety gear is a must when cutting down a tree. You can't talk about safety, yet you are cutting down trees in your everyday shoes and clothes.

Everything You Need To Know About Tree Removal Services

Trees are a great way to enhance your outdoor space, improve air quality, provide shade, and improve your property value. However, maintaining trees can be daunting, especially when they're infested or have falling branches, hence the need to seek professional tree removal services.  Benefits of Seeking Professional Tree Removal Services There are several benefits of seeking professional tree removal services, including:  Expert Services Tree removal professionals are experts with the required experience and skills, enabling them to get the job done quickly and professionally.

Signs You Have A Dying Tree On Your Property

Did you know that trees have an immune system as well? For instance, they have self-healing abilities that help them live longer even when faced with issues like infections. However, if a tree is ill and no treatment is offered, it may die. The good news is that the process isn't rapid, so you can save the tree if you notice the symptoms on time. Alternatively, you'll have to schedule tree removal if the infection has spread and treatment doesn't work.

How Do You Know What To Prune On A Tree?

If you're attempting to get trees ready for spring or otherwise cut them back, the question of what exactly you're supposed to remove can be a nerve-wracking one. When you haven't cared for trees before, even removing a leaf can raise many questions, like where exactly are you supposed to cut the leaf stem, and what else do you have to prune? Pruning a tree is not a haphazard job where you cut random things off the tree.

3 Tree Removal Tips You Must Always Remember

Trees are a great addition to a home. They create a healthy and relaxing environment and improve curb appeal. What's more, you can enjoy some cool breeze without needing an air conditioner on hot days.  However, despite having these numerous benefits, there are instances you may need to get rid of your trees. For instance, removing trees is essential when you have a diseased or severely damaged tree in your grove.

3 Ways to Keep Your Trees Healthy and Safe during Extreme Heat

Periods of high heat can put your trees at serious risk of dying, but with the right preemptive care, you can make sure they stay safe during heat waves. It can help to water with the right methods, use mulch, and ask a tree care specialist if you think your trees need pruning. Give Some Extra Water Trees will need more water when the weather is at its hottest. One rule of thumb is to use about ten gallons of water for every one inch of the tree's diameter.

Stump Removal Techniques You May Consider For Your Project

If you have planted trees on your property, you may need to remove one or two because of a disease, decay, or damage. In other cases, you may remove a tree to open up space for other projects, like constructing a tool shed or outdoor resting area. While tree removal isn't easy, you will still need to determine what to do with the stump afterward. When a stump isn't removed quickly, it can make the garden appear unsightly and even become a safety risk.

Ways Of Correcting Tree Pruning Mistakes

Pruning is a tree maintenance practice that ensures your trees remain healthy and productive. There is an ideal time to prune and the right way to do it. Pruning mistakes often lead to unsightly and unhealthy trees. Here are some ways you can correct your pruning mistakes.  Pruning At the Wrong Time The ideal time for pruning is during winter or early spring. During this time, trees stop growing. Many people make the mistake of pruning during summer or fall.

The Do's And Don'Ts Of Apple Tree Trimming

Apple trees are wonderful additions to any yard because they provide not only beauty but also an abundant source of food that you can enjoy for as long as your tree thrives. But in order to get the best fruit your tree can provide, the tree needs to be trimmed and pruned properly. If you're intimidated by trimming or are physically unable to do it, a professional can do the job for you.

The Advantages Of Hiring An Experienced Emergency Tree Service

When a tree on your property becomes an eyesore or safety hazard, you may want to get rid of it right away. However, you also might lack the physical strength and equipment to cut it down and remove it yourself. Instead of allowing it to remain on your property, you can hire contractors to come and remove it for you. You can benefit from the services an experienced local emergency tree service can offer to property owners like you.

3 Ways To Prune Dormant Shrubs In Your Yard

Pruning is one of the best ways to enhance the beauty of your landscape. However, improper pruning can ruin your yard by weakening or deforming your plants and shrubs. If you plan to get rid of dormant shrubs in your yard, you may face uncertainty about the best ways to prune them. Pruning requires you to have the right skills to ensure your shrubs are healthy while maintaining your yard's value.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Yard's Trees

A tree is an integral part of keeping a healthy and beautiful yard landscaping, and trees are a big part of your yard's ecosystem with the inclusion of wildlife, organic compost, and fresh air. When you have trees in your yard or you are planning to add new ones, make sure you know the important steps in taking the best care of their health for long-lasting growth. The following tips can help you plant and care for healthy trees in your yard's landscaping.

Key Reasons Why Your Business Needs Commercial Tree Trimming Services

It can be argued that the way the exterior portion of your building looks is just as, if not even more important, than what's going on inside. The curb appeal of your property is going to play a role in determining if an individual is impressed enough to step into your facility and possibly make a purchase. Maintaining your parking lot is vital because potholes and cracks can be quite unsightly, but if you have trees on the grounds you should also make sure they are getting the care they need to thrive.

What Is the Emerald Ash Borer and What Should You Do About It?

An emerald ash borer is one pest you don't want to see on your property and if you do spot one, it's wise to call a tree specialist right away. Learn what an emerald ash borer is, what you should do about it, and what taking care of them might cost.  What an emerald ash borer is An emerald ash borer is a pesky insect that preys on trees and eventually kills or infects them.

Want To Maintain A Stunning Landscape? Why Invest In Landscape Maintenance Services

Everyone wants to maintain an appealing landscape because a beautiful landscape increases a property's value. However, landscape maintenance is a big issue for most people because they don't know how they could best approach it. Of course, many people consider landscape maintenance an easy task, but it's usually demanding. Maintaining a beautiful landscape has more than mowing the lawn and watering the grass. That's why it's always advisable to invest in professional landscape maintenance services.

4 Reasons You Need To Hire Stump Grinding Professionals

After cutting down a tree, you might wonder about the best way to remove the stump. Sure, this may seem like something you can do yourself, but it is usually a tough and demanding task. Furthermore, you are unlikely to do it right, considering that you are not used to such a task. An excellent way to get the job done is working with stump grinding professionals, and here are the reasons why.

Removing Stumps Beneath Your Lawn

There's nothing worse than stepping on a stump, running over it with a lawnmower, or other issues. These leftovers from trees that have been felled or cut down can be a real hazard.  If you've ever stepped on a stump before, chances are you'll be cautious when you go back to that same spot. Even if you're careful to avoid them, there's always there. If stumps are buried deep in your lawn or under dirt and other stuff that might be hiding them, then the following information is for you:

Reason To Hire A Professional To Trim Your Trees

Tree trimming is a task you should never ignore or take lightly. Trimming your trees regularly is a great way to improve their health. Unfortunately, most people don't value tree trimming services as they should, and they prefer to do it on their own.  While you may assume that taking the DIY approach will help you save money, you may end up messing something up, which will cost you more money in the long run.

Pruning Your Trees Without Harming the Local Bird Population

The US has some 860 different bird species, with 91 of those species classified as threatened. While the birds nesting in your backyard might not be endangered in the traditional sense, you don't want to contribute to further declining in their numbers by accidentally wiping out a nest. So how can you prune your trees when there might be birds nesting in the area? Inspect the Tree Before You Start

3 Reasons Tree Trimming Is Important

While many tree owners may think tree trimming is a waste of money or a less crucial service, the truth is that trimming your trees gives them the good health and long life they need to provide you with maximum returns.  Trees should be trimmed for three primary purposes: safety concerns, the tree's health, and your home's beautiful appearance. Read on to learn more! 1. Safety Concerns The safety of your property is one thing you should be highly concerned about and is an excellent reason to take care of your trees.

Improve Your Backyard By Removing A Tree To Solve Branch-Related Problems

Whether you are living in a starter home or a place you want to stay in forever, you cannot go wrong with solving problems and making noticeable improvements. Even if you decide to sell the property later, you will find that solving certain issues can help with this whole process because you do not need to worry about explaining problems or having them show up in inspections. While some homeowners may envision adding or improving on existing features to make the backyard a better place, you can also achieve this goal by solving problems.

3 Diseases That Could Infect Your Tree

Tending the trees in your yard is not only a way to preserve their beauty, but a way to protect against the liability of a fallen tree. When something seems off with a tree, it can be hard to pinpoint the issue. Knowing what diseases to look out for will help you provide care to the infected tree and keep your other trees healthy.  Sooty Mold One of the most common diseases infecting tree leaves is sooty mold.

3 Reasons to Have Your Trees Trimmed by Professionals

Keeping your trees trimming is vital to their long-term health, but it's a little more complex than it may seem on the surface. All sorts of factors can play into when the trees are trimmed, how they're trimmed, and what extra care they need. Here's how hiring a professional can make your life easier. Damage and Decay Can Be Hard to Spot Unless you regularly examine your trees up close, you may miss many signs of problems that can be almost invisible.

Signs That A Tree May Have Been Struck By Lightening

Trees can be struck by lightening. If you are in the home when this happens, you may hear a loud boom and it may feel like your home is shaking. If you are not home, you may see damage to the tree, but not know the cause of it. If a tree was struck by lightening, it needs to be inspected by a tree care company immediately. This type of professional can determine whether the tree was truly struck by lightening, how much damage the lightening did, what immediate steps can be taken to save a lightening-damaged tree, or if the tree will die and should be removed.

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Tree Trimming Professional

Do you have any trees on your property? How long has it been since you had this tree or these trees checked out by a professional? For a lot of people, a tree is nothing more than a thing that happens to be located in a particular place. It doesn't need any help; it just is. But this point of view isn't necessarily accurate. There are a number of reasons why you should have a professional check out your tree or trees on at least a semi-regular basis.

3 Reasons Why Regular Professional Tree Care Is Essential

When was the last time you had a professional come out to look at any trees growing on your property? Are you under the impression that doing this is a waste of time and/or money? In an effort to try to avoid spending money unnecessarily, people will often try to DIY the care of any trees that happen to be growing on their property. While trees don't need as much work as, say, your lawn, they still need to be looked after by a professional from time to time.

3 Reasons Why Regular Tree Pruning Is Essential

When was the last time that you had any of your trees pruned by a professional? Have you ever had them pruned at all, whether by yourself or by someone else? A lot of people tend toward the school of thought that it's not necessary to prune trees on a regular basis. While this philosophy may work out sometimes, there are a number of reasons why you should at least prune your trees every few years, if not on a yearly basis.

Three Low-Maintenance Landscaping Trees Perfect for Busy Homeowners

If you're like the majority of modern homeowners, you sometimes experience a conflict between wanting to have a nice yard and garden area and wanting to spend your leisure time doing something other than yard work. You probably also know people whose entire weekends are taken up by landscape maintenance chores and have no desire to replicate their lifestyle. However, you don't have to make a choice between having a drab, lackluster outdoor living space and spending your evenings and weekends babying along fussy trees and shrubs.

Planted Young Trees This Fall? 3 Tips To Protect Them From The Cold Winter

If you planted young trees this fall, they will not make it through the winter if you do not prepare them first. To ensure they do stay alive, below are three tips on what you need to do to keep them safe during the cold winter. Take Care of the Roots One of the most important things to do is to care for the roots of the trees. This is where the main growth comes from and if the roots die so will the trees.

Severely Leaning Trees: Why Can't You Straighten Your Tree Out?

If one of your backyard trees leans too closely to your house or garage, you may do all you can to straighten it out. But if bracing and staking your tree doesn't straighten it out, you may need to pull up the tree instead. Here are things that may affect your tree's growth and why removing the tree may be the best option for you. Why Does Your Tree Lean So Much?

3 Yard And Garden Tasks It Makes Sense To Outsource

If you're like most homeowners, you enjoy spending time in your outdoor living space on evenings and weekends when weather permits. Relaxing with friends, family, and neighbors during backyard barbecues, simply sitting with a spouse, or relaxing solo while savoring a quiet moment are just a few activities that top the lists of many people. Some also appreciate the opportunity to grow a vegetable or herb garden and maybe even a fruit tree or two to provide food for the family table, while others get an immense amount of satisfaction out of growing beautiful flowers.

Why You Don't Want To Cut Down A Tree On Your Own

Many homeowners enjoy doing things on their own and get a sense of pride for tackling a lot of the work that needs to be done around the house. However, professional tree services may not be one of the things that you want to pass up. Here are some reasons why you will want to avoid cutting down a tree on your own. You Could Damage Nearby Property When it comes to cutting down a tree, it is very important to make sure that you are cutting it so that it lands along a specific path.

Planting A New Maple Tree? 3 Tips To Keep It Healthy

If you are planning to plant a maple tree in your yard, you need to learn how to take proper care of it. This will ensure that it grows big and strong so it can provide shade in the future. Below are three tips to help you get started. 1. Planting Maple Trees It is important that you plant the maple tree away from your driveway, or any walkways. This is because most maple trees have shallow roots.

3 Interesting Facts About The Southern Magnolia Tree

When it comes to adding trees to your landscape design, you are probably overwhelmed by your options. From evergreens or fruit trees to massive trees that produce flowers or shade, it is easy to see the challenges of finding the best tree for your yard. Thankfully, the Southern Magnolia is an excellent option to consider especially if you live in the southern part of the country. With this guide,  you will learn a few interesting facts about this elegant and classic tree.

How To Trim An Evergreen Tree's Branches So It Doesn't Appear Lopsided

Evergreen trees are funny things. They will grow every which way, with some branches misshapen and others too long or too short for their position on the trunk. Most tree trimming services will examine an evergreen to make sure it does not have a disease that is causing this problem, and then they will approach the trimming job in the following ways. Trim Back the Overly Long and Out-Of-Place Branches

Tips to Prevent Branch Splitting and Weakness on Ornamental Trees

The ornamental trees in your yard look their best when the branches are well spaced and healthy. One concern on some trees is scrappy, weak growth or branches that easily break and split where they join to the trunk. Not only do these issues affect the beauty of the tree, but they can also weaken a tree and make it more susceptible to pests, disease, and death. The following tips can help you prevent these problems.

Have A Problematic Stump In Your Yard? What To Do

If you have a tree stump or two around the property that you don't like, because they are an eye sore or a safety concern, there are some things you'll want to know about the stump. If the roots are near your home and you worry about them causing plumbing issues and other damage to the foundation, you need the roots removed as well. Here are some things to consider and to think about when you are ready to get the stumps off the property.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore Tree Stumps

If you have tree stumps on your property, you might have gotten used to them and might not have thought about having them removed. However, in the long term, you should not ignore tree stumps. These are a few reasons why you may want to hire a professional to come out and grind the stumps with stump-grinding equipment. 1. Make Taking Care of Your Lawn Easier When you have to cut your lawn, you might find that your tree stumps really get in your way.

Understanding Common Diseases of Elm Trees

Elm trees hold a beloved place in many homeowners' hearts. Unfortunately, these stately shade trees have suffered greatly in recent years from both infestation and disease. For that reason, it is more important than ever to keep your elm trees in good shape. If you would like to increase your awareness of the perils they face, read on. This article will discuss two common diseases and how to keep them at bay.

Why Are There Squiggly Lines On Your Pine Tree's Bark?

When you look at your pine tree's bark, do you see squiggly little lines that look almost like something crawled across the tree? Chances are, your tree is affected by the pine bark beetle. These beetles eat their way across the bark, leaving those squiggly lines you're noticing. Here's a closer look at this pest and what you need to do about an infestation. What is the pine bark beetle?

3 Potential Reasons Why Your Pecan Tree Isn't Producing Pecans

If you have a pecan tree on your property, you might dream of being able to harvest delicious pecans straight from your backyard. If your tree doesn't produce well -- or at all -- it can be highly disappointing. Luckily, you may be able to get down to the bottom of the problem. These are a few potential reasons why your pecan tree might not be producing pecans. 1. Your Pecan Tree Isn't Getting Enough Water

Five Shade-Tolerant Trees For Your Property

You can do a number of things to make your property more hospitable for your favorite trees. Among other things, you can provide supplemental water, add fertilizer to the soil or tinker with the drainage patterns of the land. But sun exposure is pretty tricky to adjust. There are likely to be a few spots on your property that are perpetually dappled in shade. The only way to grow trees in these spots is to select species, varieties or cultivars accustomed to living in the forest understory.

Pruning A Tree? Follow These Safety Tips To Protect Yourself And Others

Pruning your trees is essential for keeping them healthy and for preventing weak branches from falling off and causing damage to your home. However, pruning does present a few hazards – both to the person who is pruning and to anyone else who happens to be around during the process. Follow these tips to protect yourself and others. Never trim near power lines. If a tree is growing around power lines, that is not a tree you should be trimming yourself.

5 Reasons To Have A Tree Removed

If you enjoy a certain tree in your yard or even have a sentimental attachment to it, there may still be a reason that the tree needs to be removed. In some instances, it is best not to attempt to salvage a tree. Instead, its removal offers greater safety and simply makes more sense. Here are a few instances in which a tree should be removed: The tree shows signs of disease

Diseases And Insects That Can Hurt Your Shagbark Hickory – And How To Prevent Further Damage To Your Tree And Yard

The shagbark hickory tree is a tall, noble-looking tree with gray bark that starts to sag and easily peel as the tree ages. Shagbarks have smooth white nuts that attract a variety of wildlife and large twisting branches thick with glossy green leaves for shade.  A shagbark hickory is a good addition to a large yard if you want some elegant shade and to attract a variety of wildlife. Owning and overseeing trees involves knowing how to identify the symptoms of diseases and insect infestation so that you know when to call in a tree service.

3 Methods For Removing A Tree Stump

Did you recently cut a tree down in your yard? Is the stump still in place? There's nothing saying that you have to have the stump removed. However, they can be unsightly and you may have other ideas for what you'd like to do with that space. Tree stumps can also be a safety hazard. Kids can trip over them and fall and hurt themselves. Fortunately, tree stumps aren't too difficult to remove.

4 Must Know Facts About Ticks

Gone are the days when ticks were just ticks. They came from dogs, you pulled them off, flushed them down the toilet and the deed was done. Those ticks are still around, of course, but there are other ticks, such as the deer tick, that carry diseases. These other ticks are said to be responsible for Lyme Disease and other tick-borne diseases. Read on below for some facts about ticks everyone needs to know.

Fruits Of Your Labors: How To Keep Your Fruit Trees Healthy Through Pruning

Fruit trees add a lot to your yard's landscaping. Not only do they provide what all trees do -- shade, beauty and privacy -- but they also yield tasty fruit you can enjoy all year long. But it's important to care for your fruiting trees so that they live long and healthy lives. Here are the 5 steps to keeping your tree in its best condition. Prune your young tree aggressively for about the first 3 years.

Answers To Two Common Tree Removal Questions

Over the time that you own your home, you may be unfortunate enough to have one of your trees develop a serious illness or suffer extensive damage. When this happens, it may be necessary to remove the tree, but these are complicated projects. If you are needing to have a tree removed for the first time, you might benefit from having the following two questions addressed. Will You Need To Obtain A Permit For A Tree Removal?

What To Know Before Having Stumps Removed From Your Commercial Property

Whether you own a resort or restaurant, having tree stumps removed from your commercial property is a smart investment. Tree stumps are not only an unnecessary eyesore, but a trip hazard to your customers as well. Having stumps removed through chemical treatments, burning, or professional removal are the primary means of getting rid of your problem. So if you're ready to transform your commercial property for the better, here's what you need to know before having stumps removed.

2 Things To Know About Planting A Privacy Hedge Around Your Yard

If you live in a subdivision and would like to have more privacy at your home, you might be able to achieve this by planting trees along your property line. This is often referred to as a privacy hedge, and it is a good alternative to installing a fence around your home. If you would like to do this, there are several things you should know before you begin the project.

3 Leaf Diseases That Can Affect Your Sugar Maple's Beauty

Sugar maple trees are known for producing maple syrup and for the vibrant, beautiful leaf color changes during autumn. Tree diseases that affect the leaves can strip your tree of its yearly show of beauty and leave your yard looking bare. While most leaf diseases don't pose any long-term dangers to the tree's health, cosmetic appeal is one of the main reasons to have a sugar maple and it's worthwhile to keep the leaves looking healthy.

When, What And How To Trim Citrus Trees

Trimming your citrus trees is essential for controlling branch length and the shape of the tree. However, it is also vital when it comes to the health and production of the fruit. Regular trimming and pruning will definitely increase fruit output, reduce watering and improve the overall health of your tree. This article explains the best tools and techniques for trimming citrus trees. When to Trim One of the best features of citrus trees is that they require minimal trimming.

Four Tips To Help Deal With Roots Growing In Your Sewer Lines

If you have trees growing around your home, they can add to the value of your property. They can provide shade to keep your home cool and give you greenery. With the trees comes certain hazards, such as them falling or roots causing problems with mechanical systems. The roots can get into sewer lines and cause costly plumbing problems. Here are some tips to help you deal with roots in your sewer lines:

Dying Trees: Getting To The Root Of The Problem

There is no debating the benefits provided by trees, and property owners use the natural beauty of trees to provide an aesthetic source of shade that can also prevent soil run off. However, trees can become a serious threat to human health if dying ones are not properly identified and treated. Recently, ABC reported that the governor of California was forced to declare a state of emergency to seek help with the removal of trees killed by four years of drought and a bark beetle epidemic to prevent potential wildfires from spreading.

Why You Should Remove That Dead Tree In Your Yard

Most people know that they should remove dead trees on their properties. The main reason for this is to prevent the tree, or its branches, from falling and causing property damage and injuries. However, the risk of falling isn't the only reason you should worry about a dead tree in your compound. Here are four more reasons to think about:   Pests Dead trees attract different pests, such as rats, snakes, termites, birds, wasps, and many others.

3 Diseases That Affect Aspen Trees

Aspen trees are tall, narrow trees with white bark and thin leaves that are bright green in summer before turning to bright yellow or orange in the fall. An aspen tree can grow in nearly any type of soil and loves full sunlight, which makes aspens a great choice for many yards. If you have aspens, frequent care and monitoring can help your trees look healthy as long as possible. This care includes identifying and treating aspen tree diseases that can spring up and knowing when to call a tree service for help.

Renting A Home Out? Here's How To Maximize Tenant Interest

Renting a home out is a great way to hold on to its equity without having to worry about paying the mortgage out of pocket until you're ready to sell it. It's also a convenient way to get the mortgage paid if you simply want to take an extended vacation or you plan to work away from home for a while. But you can expect to face some tough competition when it comes time to advertise it on the market.

2 Things To Consider Before Removing A Tree From Your Property

When you have a tree on your property that you want to remove, it is important to consider a few factors. These aspects can help you determine how much the process will cost and they can give you some ideas of what to do with the leftover wood. Location The location of the tree is one factor that can greatly influence the price of removing the tree. For example, trees located near electrical lines will be more expensive to take down.

Four Tips To Get Rid Of Tree Removal Waste By Using It As Compost And Mulch

One of the costs of removing a tree is having the waste disposed of. If you choose to have it hauled off, you may have to pay more for this service. An alternative that you may want to consider is using the waste yourself. It can be made into mulch for landscaping ground cover or even for compost piles. Here are some tips to help you get rid of the waste by using it as ground cover and compost:

Tree Trimming Tool Guide

Keeping your trees properly trimmed is the key to ensuring both their health and ongoing attractiveness. Most trees respond well to annual trimming, typically in late winter or early spring, because this prevents them from becoming overgrown or producing a weak framework. The right tools are also a necessity for a well-pruned and healthy tree. This guide can help you understand what tools you need and how to use them.

Four Reasons To Remove Tree Stumps On Your Rental Property

Managing a rental property is not always easy, but investing in preventive measures is an effective way to prevent major issues from happening, especially when the home is occupied at the time. It is best to take care of these measures before you list the rental property and find tenants, and this is because it can become a difficult and time-consuming process when you have to work around your tenants. When maintaining the landscape, you should remove tree stumps to enjoy numerous benefits.